Psychological Testing and School Consultation

I conduct a wide array of psychological evaluations on children and adolescents to address different types of questions and issues that may arise regarding your child’s academic, social and emotional functioning.

Typically, I conduct standardized IQ tests for children and adolescents as part of a comprehensive evaluation. However, I also conduct stand-alone IQ tests when necessary for admission procedures for schools.  In addition to providing a report for the school, I meet with the parent and child to provide meaningful feedback, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses in your child’s performance.

Every child deserves to know whether their academic struggles are due to an underlying learning disorder or other difficulty.  As part of a comprehensive assessment, I will assess your child’s intellectual abilities, academic achievement, and personality factors. Individualized feedback and recommendations will be provided to help assist you understand how your child’s strengths and weaknesses impact his or her school performance.  Specific recommendations will also be tailors to help maximize your child’s academic potential.