Parenting Skills Training

I offer two different parent skills training groups.  Each group addresses a specific set of parenting challenges and meets twice per month.

Parenting Skills Training for Oppositional Behavior:  This group provides resources to help parents effectively manage behavior problems commonly found in children, including oppositional behavior, non-compliance, temper tantrums, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.  We will work together to understand how these problems arise and what systematic factors may be in place to continue promoting these behaviors.  We will work together to identify individualized ways to manage problematic behaviors and improve the relationship with your child.

Parenting Skills Training for Anxious Children: This group provides tools for parents who have children who are struggling with anxiety.  It provides education about how anxiety manifests and can be maintained by environmental factors.  Parents will learn cognitive-behavioral interventions to help their children better manage their anxiety in a variety of settings.